Vertical Blinds Glasgow: Pros and Cons

Until recently, vertical blinds Glasgow were the only solution for covering sliding doors and wide windows.  While other options are now available, vertical blinds still offer an affordable and functional way to control the light and view at large windows and doors.

Vertical blinds Glasgow are available in a very wide array of colour and material options.  The vanes – the long, narrow strips that hang from the headrail – can be either fabric, wood or hard vinyl, offering options for any decor and lifestyle need.  While the fabric options are among the most beautiful, vinyl vanes are easy to clean and more resistant to staining

One of the best features of vertical blinds is the price.  Verticals blinds Glasgow are among the most affordable options for sliding patio doors.  You will always get what you pay for when it comes to vertical blinds. The versatility of vertical blinds is another selling point.  Not only can you move the blinds completely out of the way, but you can also simply tilt the vanes open and closed to allow as much light or view as you wish.

Vertical blinds aren’t the best option for every window, however.  One common complaint about verticals is that they can be noisy.  Whether the vanes are blown around by the wind coming through an open window or by a heat register nearby, vertical blinds can produce a clanking sound that some homeowners find objectionable.  This is especially true with hard vanes – wood or vinyl.

Depending on the vane style, vertical blinds can also produce a large stack at the side of the window, which takes up your light and view.  To avoid this, consider purchasing a vertical blind wider than the area you wish to cover, so the vanes can move completely off the glass when it is opened fully.

Folks also complain that vertical blinds just break too often – whether it is vinyl vanes cracking at the top or the headrail.  This can be avoided by purchasing a quality blind with a good warranty.

Vertical blinds have long been the workhorse of the window treatment industry.  While they aren’t for everyone, they can be a great, affordable option for those large areas of glass in your home.