Understanding Heat Exchanges

If you have a heating system in your house you need to fully understand how it really works. It is crucial to know what these things do, so you will be aware when something goes wrong. If you need help installing a new heating system Chelmsford Plumbing And Heating can assist you with your heating system problems.

The heat exchanger is one of the most critical components of a heating system. As the combustion gasses are drawn into the heat exchanger, heat is transferred onto the heat exchanger walls. The combustion gasses, which are at this point beginning to cool down, exit through exhaust pipes by a draft inducer blower and are sent out of the home. In a high-efficiency furnace, these gases go through a second heat exchanger where even more heat is extracted before they are vented out of the home.

As part of the heating process, a blower motor and fan take air from inside the home and draw it across the heat exchanger, which has been heated by the combustion gasses. The air picks up heat from the heat exchanger walls and is blown through the home’s ductwork, where it then exits through vents throughout the home.

Because the heat exchanger is also responsible for removing exhaust fumes from the home, it’s important that a qualified heating technician inspect it for any cracks or damage that can cause dangerous carbon monoxide gas (CO) to leak into the living space.

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